2000 Ducati 748R For Sale

Original Owner Ducati 2000 748R with 2650 Miles (as of 6/1/2020) and located in Portland Oregon area. I love this bike and have had it since new, but now after age has caught up with me I cant physically ride it well anymore (and this bike demands a riders attention!). So I guess it its time to let it go to a new home! Includes Factory service manuals and all the original parts Ive changed (handlebars, seat, exhaust etc.) also both the domains 748R.com and Ducati748R.com if you are interested. My bike is in great shape always stored in my garage, make me an offer!

email: Dave@Ducati748R.com

The 748R is a rare beast! only 70 shipped to the USA. 11:5.1 comp 106 hp at crank @ 11,500 rpm

Per Wikipedia: - The top of the range model in 2000 was now the 748R, Ducati's racing homologation model produced only in very limited numbers. This engine was again a derivative of the SPS model but with more tuning. The main difference is that the R model has an overhead shower-injector arrangement compared to the 748E and S model's traditional throttle bodies, titanium connecting rods, titanium valves and more extreme valve timing. As such, the 748R has a larger, two-part airbox and thus the frame was also different in order to accommodate this. The suspension choice for the first models in 2000 used Showa titanium nitride (TiN) front forks and a Showa shock absorber. The engine included a very basic slipper clutch to ensure that this would then be homologated for use in racing, as well as an oil cooler.

Production and delivery figures for the 2000 748R
150 England Yellow
70 USA Yellow
12 Australia Yellow
54 Japan Yellow
551 Europe Yellow
It sounds great too, check it out!